A Guide to Cannabinoid Dosages

A Guide to Cannabinoid Dosages


Delta-8 THC products is a fast-growing submarket within the hemp industry. Seemingly popping up out of nowhere, these products have grown at a rapid pace. As more people are eager to try CBD and THC products, there is a lot of buzz around how much you should take and what it will do to you. With loads of delta 8 products available on the market today, each soft gel capsule, gummy, tincture, or vape cartridge will impact everyone differently. Just as with other types, you can find gummies and other edibles with different flavors.

The difference between THC and CBD is that products containing THC are psychoactive cannabinoids while CBD isn’t. Delta 8 THC is the result of years of research that have given way to a better understanding of cannabinoids. Delta 8 is lab-created from hemp-extracted CBD. Some people may find that they are more sensitive than others to delta 8 products because everyone’s body reacts a little differently. Many people experience softer effects with delta 8.

Delta 8 has become so popular because people claim that it elicited a calmer effect than what you might experience with delta 9 THC products. Let’s look at delta 8 and some cannabinoid dosing facts.

Delta 8 THC


Naturally, many would assume that you can consume the same amount of delta 8 as CBD products. As discussed, however, THC gummies are psychoactive. While taking the same dosage of THC as CBD is typically not toxic in any way, you should consider how the effects differ from those of cannabidiol products.

Simply put, delta 8 induces more potent effects than CBD does. It’s also important to note that delta 8 THC isn’t as potent as its delta-9 predecessors. Still, those who are more sensitive or new to THC products will likely want to take it slow with relatively lower doses. If you take “too much” delta 8, you’ll likely feel a little sluggish or groggy because of the calming properties of the cannabinoid. Delta 8 usually produces a high that is thought to be a little more than half of the high of delta 9 THC. Most people describe the effects as an uplifting, happy, and relaxing mood.



Different companies offer varying milligram strengths in their products. This refers to the number of milligrams of delta 8 THC found in the product. For some edibles, like 500mg Delta 8 Gummies, you’ll need to divide the total milligrams by the pieces to discover the milligrams in each piece. The higher the milligrams, the stronger the dose will be.

As a general rule, products that contain up to 15 milligrams are low doses. Those products that have up to 45 milligrams are considered moderate doses. Finally, those products with greater than 45 milligrams are thought to be higher doses. Depending on your tolerance, you can choose which dosage might be right for you. If you’re consulting with a doctor or other medical professional, you might even find bar charts comparing the values of delta 8 cannabinoid dosings against CBD and other THC products.

Delta 8 products usually take a few minutes to show any effects. A delta 8 THC gummy, for example, might take up to two hours to kick in. Delta 8 edibles or vapes work just like any other product. The word of caution here is that you might not feel like they haven’t done anything for you and be tempted to take more. You should wait for a few hours before taking more to ensure that you don’t overdo it.

Delta 8 THC offers a more subtle lift and experience than the more potent delta 9. If you want to try it, always consume responsibly and don’t drive or operate any machinery. You should also consult with your doctor if you have any concerns before trying it out.