It is a unique combination of leisure and fun.

The attractive beaches and vibrant nightlife are just a few of the many reasons to leave your hotel in Goa.

You can explore the most beautiful Places to visit in Goa, including ancient temples, golden churches, Portuguese, and neighbourhoods. This article will show you how to plan Goa in seven days.

Day 1: North Goa: Water spots, party spots and delicious food.

Make sure you spend at least three days exploring North Goa’s attractions while in Goa

Goa is the top-ranked holiday destination in India.

Anuja beach

Anjia beach is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it has a Goan vibe.

The Beach is white during the day. The stunning beach is stunning, with its white sand and water sports. You can relax at the Pubs and enjoy the trip.

This beach becomes a place to enjoy the nightlife at night. Tourists are drawn by the spectacular night view.

Every Wednesday, the flea market takes place. You shouldn’t miss the flea market if you are going to goa.

Calangute Beach is a stretch that runs from Candolim to Baga.

Calangute is known as the “Queen of Goa’s Beaches”. Calangute’s white Sand Beach is paradise for those who want to enjoy a season of adventure in watersports.

Goa includes Speed Boat, banana ride, water serving, and many other activities if you have the time.

Even the nights can be hot. You can dance and drink all night at the beach party.

Mollem National Park:

It is a green paradise that covers the entire Bhagwan Mahavir sanctuary and includes an exotic variety animal’s butterflies and reptiles.

Park promises an exciting time both for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This National Park is home to many animals. There are many species to see in this National Park, including Bengal Tigers, Leopard, Deer, Leopard, Sambar, and many other animals.

You can stop at the open Jeep Jungle Safari that takes you into the deepest part of the park. It will take you on a thrilling adventure amongst the wonders nature.

Manjaisi Temple

Manjasi temple is located in Goa’s locality. It is one of the oldest and largest temples in Goa.

This temple, which can be traced back to over 450 years ago, is dedicated to Lord Mangnes, who is the incarnation Lord Shiva.

Chapora Fort Aka

Dil Chahta Ha Fort Chapora should be on your list of places to visit in Goa within 7 days, especially if you’re travelling with friends.

This movie was featured on the Bollywood film “Dil Chahta Hai”. It told the story three friends named Siddharth and Akshay. The friends visited Goa to visit this place.

Let’s now get to the thrill and adventure part.

Goa is the best place to go scuba diving

Scuba Diving offers the best way to see the underwater world. Deep into the ocean, you will find beautiful coral reefs and algae. You can also see and touch colorful and attractive fish in their natural habitat.

You don’t have to worry about it, a professional will train you and help you adjust to the water world.

You will be given a proper body here as well as breathing equipment underwater to ensure you have a safe experience.

Jet Ski in Goa definitely

This is one of the most popular sports in Goa. It is an unforgettable feeling to be able to jet ski in the turquoise waters at high speed.

You feel like you are flying as the fast winds rush through your body. Cool water sprinkles will energize you to go further. If you are new to riding, you can either ride with a professional trainer or go doubles with friends. These get rides are easy to arrange. Three of the most popular beaches are Vagator Beach, Baga Beach and Candolim Beach.

If you are planning a trip to Goa, make sure to thrill yourself with the excitement of Goa. Also, don’t forget the amazing sea food like Tandoori Shark, Squids, and Sand Crab. This is my favorite cuisine.