Free Website Hosting Vs Paid Hosting


Free Website Hosting Vs Paid Hosting

Free website hosting sounds like a great idea! You can have a site up and running quickly and easily in a matter of minutes, and there are many places where you can get a free website. However, is free website hosting worth it? Is often only practical, but not always worthwhile over the long run.


Let’s face it: free website hosting services may sound like a great thing. After all, they are free, so nobody’s losing anything. In fact, there are many of these kinds of services. However, there are a few things about free website hosting that you should be aware of.


First of all, it’s important to remember that with free hosting services, you do not have extensive support documentation. This is especially true if you are deciding between Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or another service. With GCP, you get extensive support documentation, which includes extensive help in configuring Google apps. For most sites, this is as well worth the cost of using GCP instead of free hosting. If your site has some unique features, Google Apps could also help you with security, setup, upgrading, and operation.


On the other hand, with Google Cloud Platform, it’s much simpler to manage your site because the service provides comprehensive support via ticket system and application interface. Google Cloud provides you with a web console for managing and monitoring your project as well as full PHP, ASP, and MySQL database support, which gives you the ability to customize your application and database in order to meet your unique needs. You can easily scale your application to larger server groups without any additional cost. Google Cloud is also excellent for businesses that are using complex PHP or ASP applications.


You might have heard about companies like Hostinger that offer free web hosting. While free version of Hostinger has limited features, you can still enjoy a number of features like advanced security features, free email accounts, and more. You can host multiple websites with free version but for that, you will need to upgrade to pay plan. If you want to use the features of Hostinger that are not available in free version, you will have to pay for them.


As with GCP or another open source hosting provider, Google web hosting comes with an in-built ticket support system. Google Ticket offers instant answers to most of your hosting questions. However, like any other hosting service, you have to pay for Google Ticket account which is free of cost. With this, you can get instant answers to all your common questions. If you need any further information on Google Website Building Tool (WDT), you can contact Google Support. Google Support will help you with anything that you may face with Google Website Building Tool including questions on Google Docs.

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Google Website building tool (WDT) allows you to organize all your files and content on your own domain by using different methods. It is very easy to manage your site by creating subdomains and getting them linked together. Google Web hosting comes with its own subdomain structure while freehostia offers paid services called subdomain management which are paid by the year. If you need to manage more than five websites hosted on the same server, then it is better to go with freehostia as it offers better control and flexibility. But if you are running just one small website, then freehostia offers you the best solution.


One of the most important things that people love about freehosting is that they are able to customize their site fully by using HTML editor and PHP. In freewebhosting area, it is not allowed to have your own domain name but you can use your sub-domain name which is also free of cost. If you are not satisfied with freehosting and want more features, then you can go with paid service which has a very reasonable price. Google provides with its own tools like search engine optimization help, page optimizer, etc which can be used to optimize your site and make it SEO friendly.