How To Hire a Good Lawyer

How To Hire a Good Lawyer


The law process can be complicated, and being without a licensed lawyer can have far-reaching consequences, especially if the other party has one. That’s why it’s essential to know how to hire a good lawyer. This is especially important to get the right legal professional for your situation. Here’s how to hire a good lawyer.

Decide on the kind of lawyer you need.

Before hiring a lawyer, you have to decide on the kind of lawyer you need. The law profession has many practice areas that cut across almost every sector. Nowadays, lawyers prefer to specialize in a particular type of law. Let’s say you’ve recently experienced human rights abuse. It makes sense to hire a lawyer who has specialized expertise in handling human rights cases.

A notable example is Tamil Canadian lawyer Malliha Wilson. She’s a globally acclaimed international human rights lawyer and cofounder of Nava Wilson LLP. Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Malliha has towed the path of her grandfather, S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, who was a member of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress and leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front. Her father, Professor Alfred Jeyaratnam Wilson, is an author and historian.

She’s passionate about upholding the rights of the Tamils of Sri Lanka and has openly expressed her support for the Magnitsky Act. According to her, the Magnitsky Act is a step in the right direction toward holding human rights violators accountable. The robust Magnitsky legislation was unanimously passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the United Kingdom, and the United States in honour of Sergei Magnitsky.

Malliha is much more than a human rights lawyer. She took up a role in the Ontario public service as a counsel for the Ministry of Government Services. She’s the first visible minority to hold the office of assistant deputy attorney general of the Government of Ontario. As Ontario’s assistant deputy attorney general, she was involved in many complex litigation matters. Upon leaving the public sector, she was appointed special legal advisor to the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario. The labour law expert continues to argue notable cases on the floor of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Prioritize lawyers with an excellent corporate reputation.

Thanks to digitalization, you can find the best lawyers from the comfort of your home using your computer or mobile device. Online search is a far cry from the old days of scouring through yellow pages. However, ensure you choose a lawyer with a positive corporate reputation in the legal industry.

Let’s say you are looking to hire an experienced car accident lawyer to help with your car accident case. Comb through public records to check for complaints and disciplinary actions levied against the potential lawyer. If the search returns incriminating findings, you might want to consider other professionals. It makes sense to have background knowledge about the practice area to guide you to an idea of what to look for. Accident lawyers help victims of car accidents get fair compensation for the liabilities they suffered during an auto accident. Whether it’s a minor car accident or major one, endeavor to hire a car accident lawyer today.

Get word-of-mouth referrals.


You can use word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family members to find a good lawyer. Speak to your friends and loved ones who have engaged the services of a lawyer in the past. Ensure you find out the type of legal service that was rendered to them.

After collating the referrals, you might want to check their online presence to determine their legitimacy. The latest trends in the legal industry show that almost every law firm has a website. Ensure you evaluate the credentials of the potential lawyers. You may decide to read client testimonials to determine clients’ perceptions of the services rendered. The goal is to find a good lawyer who is right for your situation.