Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Love


Bathrooms have been a crucial part of homes in the United States for more than a century. Bathrooms and kitchens are the primary rooms with plumbing systems, making them expensive to build or renovate.

Bathrooms are used regularly, which is why it’s hard to sell homes with outdated bathrooms. Today, master bathrooms are vital features buyers look for in homes. Whether you plan on selling, want to update your main bathroom’s appearance, or want to freshen up a master bathroom, you can use these tips to transform your bathroom.

Replace your shower or turn a tub into a shower.

Bathtubs are standard bathroom features people use to wash. Bathtubs have been around since the 1800s, although they weren’t a standard household feature until the early 1900s. While they remain popular, many homeowners opt to supplement their bathtub or replace their tub with a shower. Showers are more convenient, making it possible to clean quickly. It’s also possible to reduce water consumption with quick showers.

Installing a freestanding shower or replacing your old shower are great ways to update your bathroom. With Lubbock shower installation, experts can install your new shower quickly. Modern showers are durable and made with mold-resistant materials, preventing mold and mildew from growing inside your shower. You can also replace an old bathtub with a shower. In addition to the peace of mind from installing a shower under warranty and the modern materials that will make your new shower easy to clean, you’ll benefit from having a low threshold to cross when entering and exiting the shower, reducing your chances of slipping. Modern showers come in various styles and colors, ensuring you can find a new shower that fits your design aesthetic.

Plants are natural air fresheners.

Houseplants offer multiple benefits, which is why you should consider adding plants to your bathroom. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and filter the air, extracting airborne contaminants that can cause respiratory issues. Plants can even eliminate benzene and formaldehyde, which can cause cancer.

Choose from floor plants to smaller plants you can put on shelves or hang from the ceiling, including peacock plants, golden pothos, snake plants, succulents, and English ivy. Expert plant delivery companies will help you identify pet-friendly plants and determine the care level for each type of plant, ensuring you find plants you can enjoy even if you don’t have a green thumb. Adding some greenery in planters that match your bathroom’s decor is a great way to transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

Think about your feet.

It isn’t common to put carpet in bathrooms, and it isn’t a good idea. It’s easy for bathroom carpet to be soiled, enabling germs, bacteria, and mold to fester. Most bathrooms have vinyl or tile floors, which are easy to clean. Consider updating your floors to match the new look of your bathroom and invest in some underfloor heating at the same time. Underfloor heating is cost-efficient, ensuring you aren’t walking on cold floors. Your feet will thank you in the chilly winter months, and your new flooring will look great, adding to the room’s appeal.

Focus on the lighting.

The two primary sources of lighting are natural and artificial lighting. If possible, ensure your bathroom receives plenty of natural light. Install a window or enlarge your current bathroom window so you can capitalize on natural light during the day. Extra sunshine can help reduce depression and increase your vitamin D levels, which is why adding natural light to your bathroom can improve your mood and health.

You’ll need lights to ensure your safety in the bathroom, mainly when you use the room at night. Ensure you have a few light options to choose from since you may want a soft light for midnight bathroom trips. You should also have bright lighting that lights up your entire bathroom space. Your lighting exposes dirt, ensuring you don’t overlook mold growth in dark corners of your bathroom.

Bathroom updates can transform your bathroom. Focus on your shower, floor, and lighting when renovating, and add houseplants to update your bathroom’s decor.