An Overview

If you think only beaches, mountains, and stunning green forests are the only things that attract tourists, then you need to think twice. Dubai desert safaris are also a draw for tourists and draws a significant amount of tourists. The golden sands that shimmer in the beautiful deserts will charm you. Desert safaris are an integral part of the desert adventure. Imagine driving through a swath of golden dunes with a jeep or a car and riding on a camel. Doesn’t that sound thrilling? The best desert safaris all over the world have been curated to suit your needs.

1. Dubai in the Arabian Desert (United Arab Emirates)

This option lets you discover the desert on the outskirts of Dubai. Pick a sunset desert safari to make the most of the experience. Take a four-wheeler ride through the dunes that roll, eat at a camp for safari and then enjoy a wide range of entertainment options, such as an exciting belly dance performance that is set to Arabic songs.

The best time to travel to Dubai and take a safari is in the winter. Pick any month during the months of October through April to enjoy this thrilling adventure. Dubai International Airport is the closest airport. From here, you can simply hire a cab for a trip to the desert.

Dubai, the Arabian Desert (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai is home to the world’s largest desert in the world where you can take a 4×4 automobile and enjoy yourself.

Desert safari tour types

Morning Desert Safari:

A lot of people aren’t able to plan an evening safari due to their busy schedules. Therefore, they are able to participate in an adventure trip that is thrilling, which is a morning desert safari. In the desert safari, you will be able to take pleasure in riding camels, quad bikes and sand skis in addition to around twenty minutes of exciting dunes bashing, and an electrifying camping adventure.

The desert safari in evening:

It’s an essential activity in order to preserve details for the rest of your future use. If you plan to travel to Dubai, organize an evening desert safari in order to enjoy the thrill and excitement. It is necessary to take a break at the beginning of your journey at a camel ranch at the end of the afternoon.

You will have the opportunity to witness the sunset over the ocean in the desert or go on a camel ride and even sandboard.

2. Bahariya, in the Sahara Desert (Egypt)

Egypt is an extremely popular desert safari spot across the world, which makes an excursion to Egypt unforgettable. A trip to the desert is an unforgettable experience for all. The ancient remains aren’t more interesting than the typical life in the desert. While the desert has campsites, it also offers extravagant resorts equipped with modern facilities to provide lodging. Golden Mummies hot as well as cold springs as well as saltwater lakes are the ultimate desert glory. The months of October to March are the ideal time to visit this renowned desert. Cairo is about 220 km from the city, has closest airport that is accessible.

3. Jaisalmer, Thar Desert (India)

The Thar Desert is without doubt one of the most stunning deserts. Sunrise (4-6 a.m.) or sunset are among the most stunning times of the day. The most popular time to visit the Sam Sand Dunes (from 4 until seven p.m.) is a magnet for visitors, nature enthusiasts, photographers, and other tourists.

Additionally, you can take part in various cultural events in the area. Tourists are also enthralled by the music and campfires evenings. A visit to a camel’s cavalcade will leave you intrigued by the culture of the country.

The ideal time to visit is during the winter months, between October and March. It is actually home to its own Desert Festival in February, that includes a variety of cultural and entertainment events. The closest airport is Jodhpur which takes approximately five hours to travel to Jaiselmer.

4. The Black Rock Desert in Nevada (USA)

This is among the most fascinating environments on earth. First, there are the lava flats and alkali deposits in the area. In addition, it offers many options for visitors to enjoy, such as wildlife watching hot spring bathing, outdoor training, trekking as well as ghost towns exploration.

Similar to other deserts, offers essential amenities like bonfire camping, delicious meals, and stargazing. It’s accessible since the climate is warm throughout the year. The months of March to May and August to October are among the most popular months to visit.

The closest airport to the city is McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas that is accessible via car.

5. Muscat’s Wahiba Sands (Oman)

Another breathtaking desert region that can be visited via vehicle or camel is Wahiba Sands. Safari Desert Camp is located in the Wahiba Sands, 25 kilometers away from Al-Ghabbi in Bidiyah located in a an isolated and serene desert landscape.

Genuine carpets, luxurious beddings, beds, as well as other amenities are available to guests staying in luxurious camp.

Without a stunning bonfire, delicious food as well as music and heart-pounding dancing the celebration could be a complete failure. It is also possible to relax and relax with your partner, and gaze at the shimmering stars.

The best time to visit the safari is between the months of October and March, in which the average temperature is about 18° Celsius. Seeb International Airport in Muscat is the nearest airport and you can book a cab there.